Let's Hear it for the Boys

In the midst of times where vibrant colors and elaborate patterns reign supreme, black and white can suddenly seem to be rather dull. However, the grayscale should not be pushed aside because it can be equally statement making. The use of layers and different textures give the shades their own story.

To create a similar look, start with a button-up that will be visible underneath several layers. This particular one has a denim blue color, but you could also swap it out for a black and white version. The next layer consists of a black zip-up jacket, which will provide additional warmth while adding interest. Extra style points will be awarded if you have one with a hood so you can pull it out and over your topcoat. You can find a jacket similar to this one here. The last layer of this look is a black peacoat. This is a classic version of men’s winter wear that can add instant polish to your look. You can find a similar version to this one here.

The gray pair of jeans this Fashionisto is sporting are perhaps the glue that holds the black and white look together. They bring unexpectedness to the outfit while perfectly complementing it at the same time. You can find a pair like these here. To top off the look, this Fashionisto added a beanie, which is the perfect cold weather accessory. One with a slouchy fit gives the impression that you are not trying too hard to come up with your well crafted look.

Hint: Black and white will forever be in style, so don’t be afraid to make investments in pieces from that color scale.


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