Let's Hear it for the Boys

The color gray often conveys a sense of ambiguity in many circumstances, casting cloudiness on situations and also the way we may look at a problem. But while “gray areas” may be undesirable in our daily lives, the color itself provides a very flexible medium for when we’re trying to sculpt our everyday outfit combinations.

Gray has the ability to take on many different moods. The 1960s was a revolutionary era in American culture, where men returning from the second World War were finally fully adjusted to the corporate lifestyle. By the masses, men succumbed to the daily grind of large bustling cities and 9 to 5 workdays. Gray suits soon became an icon of the changing times and socioeconomic circumstances, to the point that a book called The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit came to represent the era.

Men today still wear gray suits in their attempts to spice up the somewhat boring requirements of business professional; instead of a black suit, a gray one distinguishes one from the crowds. And while gray aces the task of looking sharp and professional, it can still take on a more relaxed vibe.

Through this Fashionisto’s outfit, we see someone at ease with a far more comfortable look than a constricting suit and tie combination. Everything he is wearing consists of gray: his chinos, coat, scarf, comfy-looking beanie and his shoes. Despite the same color, the different hues of gray add complexity to his combination without overwhelming it or taking away from his overall sharpness. Indeed, he creates something that is simple to put together yet is still perfectly able to convey a degree of sophistication through the coolness of gray.

Hint: All gray is okay. Completely okay.


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