LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Grandpa’s Finest

Let's Hear it for the Boys

No, I’m not calling this Fashionisto an old man; I’m admiring his tasteful take on grandpa style. Thick sweaters, cardigans, plaid, beanies, these are all pieces that we will find walking the sidewalk runways of campus, but are also staple items in every elderly’s closet. Besides simply being trendy, these looks are necessary for their practicality in the constantly changing weather of Pittsburgh. Smart layering is always the best way to go when planning your outfit for the day. It’s best to have these layers to take on or off depending on what kind of weather strikes us. This time of year can call for anything—from umbrellas to sunglasses to parkas! This day in particular was a sunny-and-windy mix, and this Fashionisto definitely planned accordingly.

While wearing a lot of gray, he mixes it up by pairing different patterns and textures. He avoids blending by making sure his multi-striped button-down pops against his cardigan sweater. Both are great for layering and one or the other can be worn over a plain V-neck during the warmer months. This Fashionisto’s jeans are the perfect wash and cut. They are obviously very versatile and everyone should make sure they have a classic jean like this to keep their outfits simple and tailored. The gray continues in a cool pair of Adidas tennis shoes. This Fashionisto has fun with accessories; with a trendy large faced watch and an oxblood beanie. Small accents like these are a great way to play up a look while still looking effortless.

Hint: When choosing a pair of jeans, sometimes it is necessary to splurge on a really nice pair. A quality pair of jeans like this Fashionisto’s, can last you a long time and will be worth the money. Places like Nordstrom and Buckle offer custom tailoring for the jeans you purchase in the store. Here in Pittsburgh we have Pittsburgh Jean Company, which is a great place to find a ton of fantastic jean brands. They cater to everyone and will help you find a pair that is just right for you.


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