Let's Hear it for the Boys

As we all know boys love sports.  When it comes to boys, they love representing their favorite sports teams through their attire. I don’t know a boy that doesn’t own his favorite team’s hat or jersey. The best way to represent your team is by wearing their logo in your outfit.  My favorite accessories for boys are baseball hats.

This Fashionisto kept his look casual by putting on his favorite baseball hat. A baseball hat is a classic piece for any boy to wear. It’s the best way to represent your favorite team. Here at home it’s still cold and snowy. By putting on this maroon knit sweater, he’s warm, comfortable and stylish at the same time. The color of the sweater accents the Red Sox “B” on his hat as well. His Timberland work boots are practical for the snow; yet give him a more relaxed but still stylish look. Finally he completes the look by wearing a pair of Levi jeans to tie together the classic all-American look.

By wearing your favorite team’s logo in your outfit, it always is a great conversation starter.  Baseball hats are a classic piece and staple in any boy’s wardrobe.  Sports attire is also becoming trendy now with some of their designs to appeal to wider audiences. Who said sportswear couldn’t be fashionable?

Hint: There are a few ways you could add more and switch up pieces of this outfit to make it your own.  You could add a plaid shirt underneath the sweater to add another layer and pattern to it. You also could switch the baseball hat to a beanie for the cold weather. You could even keep it with a sports logo on it if you would like. I also would add a watch to the outfit if you would want to dress it up some more.


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