Let's Hear it for the Boys

I spotted this Fashionisto on a Friday afternoon while walking back home. I loved that his style was a mix of all sorts of colors, textures and prints. Personally I think that his longboard adds a great aspect to his look and that on campus life here at K-State. Longboarders are everywhere on campus and for the most part, they have great style. The unfortunate part is that they skate much too fast and close to me for me to stop them and ask them about their style. Luckily, this Fashionisto wasn’t apart of that scene today.

He told me that he’s inspired by mens fashion in GQ, but he can’t afford all of it right now. This Fashionisto really got me thinking about durability when it comes to my own style and while shopping. On the subject of shopping, he looks for men’s clothing that is practical, durable and conservative. Ultimately pieces that would last him during his 20′s and into his 30′s.

Starting from the top he has a colorful green Patagonia hat that has its own urban edge to it. I can see this hat working in so many different outfits from late nights to road trips. He is also doing a great job of representing the top button forever club. I think an easy way to do the button-down trend right this season is buttoning to the top like him! His seafoam green button-down is a great color for spring and definitely a versatile piece.

Moving on, his dark blue peacoat makes me want to run to the store and buy one now (despite it being spring). Not too structured but enough to make it not seem loose fitting and easy to throw on top of clothes. His cuffed jeans also add a nice preppy flare. Last but not least his shoes and socks are probably my favorite part of his outfit. Something I notice way too often is men not wearing proper socks with dress shoes. This Fashionisto’s textured smoking slippers are beyond enviable. This Fashionisto is a prime example of doing it right when it comes to socks. His red and blue striped socks are so trendy that I hope men start to experiment more with fun socks!

Hint: Experiment with different kinds of socks while wearing dress shoes. My favorite store to buy socks is HappySocks which offer many different kind of socks to fit your needs for this challenge!


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