Let's Hear it for the Boys

Winter doesn’t always have to mean dark, dreary colors; brightening up your wardrobe with some color is easier than it sounds. Your jacket can work wonders as a color centerpiece in your everyday looks, keeping you warm and keeping you colorful. The key to this method is to keep the color subtle and universal, to avoid any unwanted clashing with the rest of your outfit.

This Fashionisto masters this technique with his army green jacket. The military inspired style and color of the jacket create a classic, cool look. The jacket is also seasonally versatile, as it’s warm enough for winter but can be light enough for early spring or fall. Combined with the green of the jacket, the red hoodie he wears underneath it works as both another layer of warmth and another pop of color. The layering also gives the look a more dynamic and creative feel.

Combined with simple jeans and a pair worn in black tennis shoes, the outfit is simple yet well put together. The light wash of the jeans is a good contrast to the color of the jacket. To tie it all together, the Fashionisto wears a dark brown scarf tucked into his jacket and his favorite pair of headphones around his neck.

Hint: Try this unique take on the military look with this jacket with knit sleeves. It’s different, yet warm and still carries the same military green feel as your classic jacket.


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