LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Go, Fight, Win! For Fashion!

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Men love sports, and a lot of men like to represent their favorite sports teams on their clothing. However, it isn’t generally appropriate to do so during classy events. Another thing that men often complain about during such occasions is having to wear dress shoes. Luckily, Fashionistos have found a few clever tricks to allow men to look stylish while still dressing the way they like.

Who said dress shoes are the only way to go when wearing a tie? Simple black-and-white Converse (a must-have for any Fashionisto’s wardrobe due to their versatility) add a little rock ‘n’ roll to any outfit, making it instantly more fashionable and more comfortable. What better way to up the rock vibe than a sophisticated leather jacket? This Fashionisto nailed it by keeping a simple, yet dressy theme throughout the entire outfit. Opting for simplicity over complexity, he chose a casual black tie to tie the black-and-white pieces together.

It would appear as though these pieces alone were enough to set this gentleman apart from all the rest, but he found a clever way to sport his favorite sports team with this ensemble as well. By adding a silver belt buckle, he earned more style points; but, the truly special feature on the belt isn’t the belt buckle itself, but rather, the image that’s on the buckle. This Fashionisto proudly displays the mascot of CU (a buffalo) on his custom-made belt buckle. The edgy elements and the subtle sports emblem make a dressy getup go from drab to stylish.

Hint: As this Fashionisto shows, wearing a fancier item that has a mascot on it is not only a great way to help root for your favorite team, but a great way to show school spirit at any formal university function. You can even substitute the belt buckle for a piece of jewelry like a ring or a necklace.


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