Let's Hear it for the Boys

Structure can do a lot for a man’s outfit. Take an ordinary business suit. If tailored correctly, it can instantly make a man look thinner, professional and smart. It evokes a sense of put togetherness and a clean, sharp attitude. Structure can offer great alternatives to a slouchy T-shirt or boxy pullover. While these shapes lay on the frame of your body, a structured piece can create slimming lines that flatter your body’s natural shape.

Structural pieces, like a tailored jacket or fitted pants, can be the game changer of the professional world. When used, these pieces give you a dignified look. Even when paired with less structural forms, these shapes add substance to an outfit. Whether it be at the corporate office or the laid back studio, sharp lines to clothes are effortlessly clever and tasteful.

Take my man, The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon. He may not have the most professional job (he makes jokes for a living), but he is constantly wearing great tailored suits. When I first started watching his show, Late Night, I didn’t recognize it was him. I was so used to seeing him in baggy T-shirts and zip-ups in movies like Taxi and Fever Pitch. Tailored suits offered a full 180 on Fallon’s style. It literally looked like he lost 40 pounds and was on his way to becoming the next president.

Take a cue from this week’s Fashionisto as he sports a Kenneth Cole coat. This coat offers great structure to the ensemble. Classmates automatically get a sense of professionalism when he steps onto campus. Also the feathered brown color is a nice tone for the end of winter that complements the other colors being utilized.

Hint: Find fitted, structural pieces to add to your wardrobe. A sharp winter jacket, like this one, can transform your style. These pieces will most likely be used throughout your life as you move on to get big time jobs, so it’s smart idea to start building that collection now.


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