LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Give Me Labels Or Give Me Death

Let's Hear it for the Boys

It is not often that the East Coast gets a warm day during winter break. By the look of this Fashionisto you can see that the temperature made this an ideal day to show off any outfit. Without having to cover up fashion finds with a coat, this fashion forward guy opted for a Louis Vuitton scarf to drape around his neck. With style like this, what Fashionisto would deny a photo op?

We certainly can’t deny his flare for fashion given his ensemble is the look every man this season should crave. This boy isn’t the typical find on the Pace campus, his style is a look all his own. On a day like this, no wardrobe is complete without sunglasses (this Fashionisto happens to be wearing Dior homme aviators). I would be remised if I did not mention how his Gucci sneakers lend character to his Zara leather block sweater.

This classy yet casual, eye-catching masterpiece sets the bar high on any college campus, causing boys to now want to take their fashion sense to a whole other level. This risk taker shows adding a pop of color can enhance your entire look. It is apparent in the cobalt 7 For All Mankind slimmy pant along with different colored Hermes bracelets in red, blue and black. Notice the dials on his Michele Sport Sail watch is accented in red and this all draws attention to the red on the bottoms of his sneakers.

Men’s fashion has come a long way and is just as important as women’s. Boys are now honing in on accessories like never before and demanding their shot in the spotlight! After viewing this Fashionisto I believe it’s pretty obvious we have no choice but to give it to them!

Hint: An affordable way to find this Fashionisto’s personal attire is to take a trip to the nearest H&M and Forever 21. Even though this ensemble is priced on the high-end any college kid can match the look for substantially less.


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