Let's Hear it for the Boys

It is the decade of funk. These past couple of weeks, I have had the extreme temptation to wear the most feared rather than the most basic clothes. I have been attracted to patterns that are risky, fashionable and unique. When it comes to colors, I mix and match. When it comes to textures, I switch it up. It takes someone brave to make such a fun and unique collaboration look effortless and this Fashionisto is definitely one of those people.

This guy initially caught my attention with his camouflage skinny jeans. I have been obsessed with camouflage print this year in any form: jackets, pants, skirt, shoes, etc. However, rather than playing it safe and pairing it with a basic top, this Fashionisto wore a graphic skull T-shirt. Next, he threw on a denim button-down for warmth since Mother Nature always likes to play mind games with us during the spring season. As for the shoes, you can never go wrong with a pair of classic high-top Converse sneakers. But that’s not all. This Fashionisto also killed the accessory game with a multicolored Aztec snapback and a pair of thick rimmed glasses. His entire style is admirable from head to toe.

It’s always a habit of mine to find one fun piece of clothing to base an outfit around. By doing this, it’s almost like finding a piece of inspiration and building a masterpiece around it. To copy this Fashionisto’s look, try to find a fun pair of pants. Having a unique base to your outfit will leave you feeling motivated to keep spicing it up. Next, grab this graphic T-shirt and pair it with this hat. Last but not least, accessorize. You could try a unique pair of glasses like these or even a spring scarf. No matter what the accents may be, rock them with confidence.

Hint: Since finals are rapidly approaching, don’t let your backpack weigh you down. Try this Burton backpack to add a splash of color to any outfit. The more color and excitement, the more motivation you will have to study!


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