LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: From Formal To Casual

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The suit — a common inconvenience for a Fashionisto. Men often hear the word “suit” and they groan. The words that come to mind regarding professional attire would be uncomfortable, irritating and restraining. However, if you like suits but feel that you cannot wear them outside of a wedding, meeting or any other event, you can. Just like Nathan, you can create a casual street style suit look with just a few accessories that you already have in your closet.

The number one annoyance when having to wear a suit is the dreaded tie. When transforming your look into a casual outfit, you do not need to wear a tie! If you are in warmer weather, you could just wear a graphic T-shirt underneath you blazer. You can also just wear a light button-down shirt and unbutton the first two buttons. Also, if your suit is a solid color, wearing a patterned collared shirt is a great idea to spice up your look. However, if you are in a colder climate, like we are here in New Jersey, you can pair a scarf with your jacket. Remember: casual style is all about comfort.

You might be running off to a meeting or class; so why not have a messenger bag with you? The one Nathan is wearing is a great neutral beige, which is easily matchable with any color. If you are wearing a dark suit (navy blue or black) wear a light colored bag. If you are wearing a light colored suit (light blue or beige) have a darker bag. Always have a balance of color!

Nothing says street style like a combat-styled boot. Combats work better for taller gentlemen like Nathan. A boot-inspired shoe or regular shoe look nicer on shorter guys. But it is your choice; work with what you feel comfortable and confident with. Fashion is about experimenting, so try out some different shoes. Wearing a suit is a creative way to play around with different styles of footwear.

Hint: Remember, suits are not just for formal occasions. It is a lot easier to create a casual look than you think. Replace the tie with a released button or a scarf, depending on the weather. If you are running to class, grab a great messenger bag. Remember, dark suit – light bag, and vice versa. The combination of colors create a nice visual balance. And finally, play around with the shoes! Go with what works for you.



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