Let's Hear it for the Boys

Movies lied. TV shows lied. Everyone lied. College is not the giant crazy party that we all believed we were getting ourselves into. I’m taking six classes and believe me when I say the workload is heavy and I probably would have had a melt down by now if Starbucks wasn’t on campus. So on behalf of college students everywhere: Asher Roth, we do not love college or want to be here the rest of our lives.

Leaving my organization’s e-board meeting I was launched into a plethora of well dressed business students (sipping on coffee like their life depended on it) and I spotted David Dooley on his way to his fraternity’s first meeting. I was instantly intrigued by the mixture of shades of blue he was wearing. Overall, I think I just loved the clean classic look he was rocking on campus.

Warning: I may start sounding like Barney on How I Met Your Mother as I talk about beloved suits! It is very important that every male, no matter what age, has a perfectly fitted suit. I absolutely love this suit and think that a dark color should be the first suit you buy. Please, do us all a favor, and do not go in an all-white suit to a professional frat meeting to network. This is not a high school prom, homecoming dance, wedding, baptism or funeral. White suits are not welcomed. Remember, classic is never out of style. This Fashionisto’s suit color is right on point.

The accessories are also just as important as the suit. The tie is a very professional and elegant combination of blue and grey and certainly a must with a blue dress shirt. The greatest invention to me in the whole world is the watch! As you may have noticed I have a passion for a good watch. The watch worn here is great because the frame isn’t too bulky.

Hint: I’m a big fan of either a suit in a solid dark color like the one this Fashionisto is wearing. My personal favorite type of suit though is a pinstripe suit, like this Michael Kors one. It adds a bit of a twist to the professional everyday outfit!


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