LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Form and Function

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Upon entering a class or seeing a friend, weather is almost always the first thing that is mentioned. We complain about how cold it is outside, or—if we’re lucky—marvel at how the snow is finally starting to melt. The unpredictable nature of Midwestern winters comes up in conversation multiple times a day, as “how’s the weather today” is asked non-stop like a broken record player. It’s almost funny how ridiculous temperatures can fluctuate, but hailing from Michigan, weather jokes are more like a cruel reality than a fun jab at the Midwest. It’s serious business and, more importantly, a factor that most significantly impacts our day to day lives, especially what we wear.

With the abundance of snow, rain and ice (or all three at once—trust me, it happens), our outfits must be able to both withstand precipitation and keep us warm before we can consider trendiness. Indeed, it doesn’t make sense to wear a cute sundress during this third polar vortex the Midwest is currently experiencing.

When I saw this Fashionisto, I immediately felt envious of how warm he looked. Here I was, scurrying to the library with chapped lips and frozen digits, while he looked very cozy and completely unfazed by the cold temperatures outside. His coat, with the faux fur trim, looks like a plush blanket and achieves utility and trendiness at the same time. The balance of form and function is apparent in the other elements of his outfit as well. His black boots have a thick sole and are the perfect height for him to tuck his gray pants into. The accessories he paired with this outfit are fully practical winter necessities, and go quite nicely against his brown coat. A pop of color finishes off his outfit through his red hat, and also more subtly through his scarf.

Hint: The winter is not going to end soon. And neither should your need to balance both trendiness and practicality. Yes it’s important to look good, but staying warm is more important. Always keep form in mind when purchasing cold weather gear.


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