Let's Hear it for the Boys

Today was one of the finest days that Providence has seen in what feels like months. With temperatures floating in between the mid 60s and the 50s, the entire town rejoiced over the day’s newfound warmth. The beautiful day made finding a Fashionisto quite easy. This Fashionisto’s very graphic and very bold outfit really stood out against today’s warm sunlight.

I personally believe it goes without saying that pretty much everyone needs a leather jacket in his or her wardrobe. Leather jackets, real or fake, come in a variety of different styles that can really mesh with anyone’s personal taste. A more minimal Fashionisto could rock a simpler silhouette, and a more adventurous style pioneer could easily find a more bold or unique piece. (For example here is a sleek racer-style jacket and this one is a bit more biker style.) This Fashionisto’s jacket is a bit racer-style and just a little bit larger than fitted in terms of size. Size-wise, this jacket looks extremely comfortable and similarly appears to be warm when it needs to be and cool the rest of the time. This Fashionisto, contributing to the casual-cool feeling the jacket gives off, has rolled up the sleeves on this jacket to the wrist.

A white button-down is a staple of formalwear. However, this button-down seems a lot softer, much lighter and a bit summery. It really gives him a lot of opportunities in terms of dressing his look up or down. Even though the button-down is a little more casually cut and cared for, a more refined or tailored jacket could really formalize this look. However, the casual-chic look in this outfit is equally successful. This collared shirt from UNIQLO is a nice, affordable option if you want a piece that is easily dressed up or down.

Very black skinny jeans, brogue boots and a simple belt round off the rest of this Fashionisto’s look. While the shoes, jeans and boots are all relatively simple, they all contribute to the graphic and minimal nature to the Fashionisto’s look. Even this Fashionisto’s glasses are coordinated with his look, creating a fascinating outfit that is subtly daring and universally appealing.

Hint: When picking out a leather jacket, be sure to keep the rest of your wardrobe in mind. The availability of a plethora of different leather styles means you can find what you want but you have to know the look you’re going for beforehand. And remember, mixing up different textures with leather can be one of the most interesting ways to craft a unique look. Have fun!


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