Let's Hear it for the Boys

Black and gray prevails! Even though it’s spring, some of us (including myself) just can’t part ways with our dark, gloomy wardrobes from fall and winter—or just in general. This lack of bright colors is still snug in my comfort zone and it seems no matter how hard I try, I still find myself leaning towards that black on black on black outfit. Well, no fear, this Fashionisto shows us that florals can wait, because black is always in.

He begins this ensemble with the classic, solid V-neck. Every guy should have a good collection of his favorite tried and tested basic T-shirts. Whether it’s a V-neck, scoop neck or the standard T-shirt, these will never disappoint and always come in handy for any occasion. These viscose T-shirts from American Apparel are not only super soft and flattering, but they come in five great colors that work for every season. His fitted black jeans are another easy addition to any outfit, and this is a great fit to go by—not to tight or too loose—the perfect mix to complement this laid back look.

His accessories definitely contribute to a cool vibe, as beanies are always a good move, especially during finals week. These days you can find a beanie style with just about anything from your favorite movie characters to bananas, to phrases so eloquent, such as  “IDGAF.” Beanies are the perfect, easy staple, as they can be accumulated on a tight budget then mindlessly thrown on and still seem to hold their own. Check out this black and white beanie baring one stripe for just a little spice. It can be paired with anything and still maintains a more minimal approach.

Finally, If I see a potential Fashionisto, shoes are a deal breaker and are actually one of the first things I notice. With that in mind, I love how his leather shoes resemble a boot style before you look closer and find that they’re low-tops. This makes them great casual, everyday shoes but with the effects of a sophisticated pair of boots. This amazing pair from Urban Outfitters has a similar mid-top boot idea that can make any outfit look slightly more put together.

This look is one to take inspiration from either as a casual base to play off of with patterns and color, or as that push to brush the dust off your fall/winter wardrobe palette and go with your gut. Regardless, this guy nailed spring finals fashion without a flower in sight.

Hint: The key to this look is a minimal eye and the addition of some cool accessories like his beanie and shoes. When you’re choosing similar items, try to stick with more neutral colors and solid styles, that way you can get a lot of use out of these pieces and definitely won’t run into a clashing situation.


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