Let's Hear it for the Boys

Styles by designers are always being reincorporated and inspired from past looks. We constantly see looks and styles revisited today from clothing that was once fashionable many years ago. Leather jackets are a great example of a style that has started over 50 years ago and they still continue to be considered fashionable. Leather jackets always bring me back to the movie Grease, where all the popular guys in school wore them. These jackets have been around since the 1950s and it is amazing that they still continue to be a huge trend today.

What stood out to me the most in this Fashionisto’s outfit was how he incorporated a casual look with a nice leather jacket to give more of an edgy appearance. Leather jackets are constantly being reformed and restyled every year. Leather jackets are a must have in boys and girls closets. This Fashionisto also demonstrates how leather jackets can be paired with any type of outfit or color. He is wearing an orange and yellow flannel underneath his jacket with burgundy corduroy jeans from Old Navy. He did a great job at corresponding colors together in his outfit.

Not only are leather jackets a flash from the past, but also the Clarks Desert Boots this Fashionisto is wearing. They are inspired from the crepe-soled boots that were once worn by British officers in World War II.

Hint: You can’t go wrong with a leather jacket in your closet. These jackets can almost be paired with any style of shirt, pants or shoes. Leather corresponds well with any color and most likely will never go out of style at this rate. Also you can find Clarks Desert boots in various styles and colors to match with any outfit.


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