Let's Hear it for the Boys

Very few college students can say that they’ve been appropriately dressed for every single event that they’ve chosen to attend. Almost inevitably, at some point in our curveball-throwing lives, we have all missed the memo. Girls, you’ve entered a room full of ball gowns in a cocktail dress or worn jeans to an interview. Fellas, you’ve thrown on your old pair of chucks with that prom tux (much to your date’s dismay) and worn baggy pants to meet your girlfriend’s conservative parents. It happens, we take the embarrassing blow, roll with the punch and move on. Rarely do we come across solutions that help to prevent these sorts of situations from happening in the future but, then again, rarely do we look.

This Fashionisto’s ensemble poses a promising solution to the unpredictability of fashion. Upon first glance, his look appeared to be a cool and collected urban chic — perfect for lunch in the city or a brisk night on the town with friends. What it didn’t look like was a getup fit for a classy date or a meeting with the university president. That is, of course, until his jacket came off.

With just one simple wardrobe change, this Fashionisto transformed his look from unmistakably urban to crisp and classy. Without the influence of his grey jacket, which combines the classicality of a winter overcoat with the grunge nature of a bomber jacket, he reveals a preppy button-down sweater and T-shirt combo. What was once too casual for more formal events quickly became suitable for these same occasions by removing one casual element and revealing a dressier top half. Though his look still may not be perfect for every occasion, its versatility is a huge leap towards preventing any awkward man-out situations on the style front.

Hint: Want to add even more versatility to this look? Throw a tie and some dress shoes in your bag. If you find yourself at a press club party with Donald Trump, throw on a black tie and your shoes to match. You may not be Brad Pitt at the Oscars, but you’ll look nice and you won’t be the sore thumb of the group!


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