Let's Hear it for the Boys

Whether it is middle school, high school or college, the first day of school brings, along with feelings of excitement and nervousness, a desire to dress to impress. It is a common human wish to want to be seen in a good light, and in today’s society the first impression is a pretty important one. In reality, some type of “effort” (even if it is very small) is put into one’s looks, however the last thing anyone wants is to look like he or she tried too hard.  The goal is to rock a perfectly put together, yet effortless outfit to convey a sense of confidence and nonchalance.

On the first day of classes, as I walked back to my dorm room, this particular Fashionisto caught my eye. His outfit was a perfect mix of minimal effort yet maximum style, and it definitely exuded a sense of casual confidence. This Fashionisto wore a classic denim button-down shirt. Instead of tucking in his shirt, he chose to roll up the sleeves of his denim button-down, while also leaving the top button undone. These two details added an air of casualness to the whole outfit.  He also chose to pair his denim top with denim skinny bottoms of a contrasting gray color. While also adding to the relaxed look, the different colored denim skinnies prevented the look from becoming monochromatic by making the top pop.

In the shoes category, this Fashionisto rocked grayish brown combat boots. The untied shoelaces and the choice of the boots themselves added the perfect touch of rough and tough masculinity. What really caught my eye was the army candy that this Fashionisto chose to rock. He accessorized his outfit with three bracelets: two braided cord bracelets and a black, braided bracelet with a gold link. He also chose to further accessorize with a black skull ring and a black G Shock watch.  And, finally, he brought his outfit together with a black duffel bag and black sunglasses.

Hint: Boys do not fret, arm candy is not only for girls! A lot of men would think twice before wearing bracelets and rings, however, as this Fashionisto’s outfit shows, bracelets and rings can definitely also portray a sense of tough masculinity. Do not be afraid to experiment with that arm swag!

And until my next post, stay confident and have courage Fashionistas/os!


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