Let's Hear it for the Boys

There is something so immediately recognizable about arts students and the way they dress, as their seemingly effortless style is both nonchalant and completely deliberate all at the same time. Whether it’s a musician, an actor or a visual artist, most of the time this artistic expression can be seen in that person’s wardrobe. On campus, as I scan the walkways and corridors for York’s best dressed, I always seem to find the chicest students frequenting the Centre for Film and Theatre. That’s where I found this week’s Fashionisto, a Theatre major.

Donning a rugged dark green coat with fur lining, a stone-washed faded purple button-up and some vintage green slacks, this Fashionisto has the arts student look down pat. But this look like any other is much easier to recreate than one might think. Breaking it down, it’s not so much the clothing itself; it’s how this Fashionisto chooses to wear it that gives off such a stylish artsy vibe. First off, take a look at the outfit as a whole; it has a very laid-back essence to it. Why? Two simple reasons: the shirt is purposefully left untucked giving the outfit a casual nature, and the coat is left undone drawing your eye to the two-toned brighter hues of the button-up. Had this Fashionisto tucked in his shirt, buttoned the top button and zipped the coat up, the outfit would have given a completely different vibe.

Gentlemen, when shopping, take these things into consideration. Buying a button-up? Try it on for size, and while you’re at it experiment with a few ways you could wear it. Tuck it in or roll the sleeves up — customize your outfit. That shirt with the flashy patterns may look intimidating to you, but go for it and try it on. Mess around a little. Break out of the style rut that most men tend to find themselves in.

Hint: For those Fashionistos who want to take it a step further, accessorizing shouldn’t be out of the question. For instance, to complete this vintage arts student look, a few bracelets or even a digital watch from American Apparel would surely do the trick.


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