LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Finding Outfit Nirvana

Let's Hear it for the Boys

We’ve all seen that Tumblr picture or Instagram outfit that inspires us but we never actually have the guts to wear it in public. For me, it’s the graphic crew neck sweatshirt with skinny jeans and a pair of delicate pointed toe heels. Well, the other day I found the male equivalent of this outfit and it’s safe to say I was obsessed. I appreciate a graphic sweatshirt as much as anyone else, but paired with wing tip oxfords? That I definitely appreciate more than anyone else.

This guy started his outfit with basic pieces for the winter — a gray T-shirt and black jeans. Instead of throwing on a zip-up or jacket, he wore a vintage-inspired band crew neck. The sweatshirt has a larger scooped neck that works in his favor because you can see the gray tee underneath, which helps break up the otherwise monochromatic outfit.

Two of my favorite parts of this outfit are the beanie and the shoes. A beanie is one of the most versatile winter accessories out there. Who knows (or cares) if they actually keep your ears warm because they look perfect on a casual winter day hung loosely on the back of your head. This guy chose a black one because any other color combination would have clashed with the bright yellow lettering on his shirt. However, they come in every color imaginable and usually for fairly cheap. One item that doesn’t usually come cheap is wing tip oxfords. College boys will soon come to know and love these shoes as they get older and enter the working world. Oxfords can come in handy much earlier than your graduation date though. In this situation they work because he is wearing a put together and thought-out outfit, so the shoes complement his efforts. They pull everything together and they gave me the inspiration to finally try out my own version of this outfit.

Hint: If you can’t find a graphic sweatshirt that represents your tastes, go for a plain color and accessorize it with a crazy colored beanie. A dark grey crew neck sweatshirt and a neon beanie is just as stylish.


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