Let's Hear it for the Boys

Life is always on the move, there’s hardly any time for the things we enjoy and for these next couple days, things are only going to get worse. Finals are pretty much here and along with it come even more tighter schedules than before. Fortunately however there’s still a bit of time left to plan out what to wear, how to manage time and how to successfully close the semester the right way.

This week’s Fashionisto really reminded me of how important it is to not lack one area in life to maintain for the other. You can have fashion, time to work out, study time and self time. His ensemble consisted of a dark navy button-up with destroyed jeans similar to last week’s Fashionisto. Along with it all he wore some boots that matched his belt and really brought the ensemble together. He seemed like he was well ready and prepared to be out on the go.

When I found this Fashionisto, he was close to the student wellness center so I’m assuming he had just gotten out of a good workout. Some tips I find helpful for finals week are preparing with time for exams by doing reviews and if you’re feeling the stress piling up, head to the gym and unwind, letting all the stress out. If you’re like myself and you consider yourself a procrastinator, I suggest that for these next days to try extra hard to manage your time because leaving it for last minute is not the wise choice.

Hint: Remember to wear pieces that contribute to your comfort on the long run. There’s always ways to make those jogging shoes match your ensemble or make those loose shorts work somehow. The point is to balance comfort for everything you’ll encounter throughout the day but still be fashionable. Planning what you’ll wear and academics will all contribute to a successful ending to the semester.


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