LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Finally Time For Sunshine

Let's Hear it for the Boys

When I spotted this week’s Fashionisto, it was actually a sunny day. Yes, believe it or not, the sun was shining in Kent, Ohio, for the first time in probably six months! Sure, this was wonderful, but the sun was not blinding my judgment. I was still able to spot a stylish Fashionisto and it wasn’t hard to do when this one walked past me. His outfit was so unique, yet not wild and crazy. It was the perfect ensemble for a beautiful day on campus, when there are places to go and people to see.

This Fashionisto’s outfit was nice for a spring day because it was full of pleasant colors and fabrics to be warm enough without too many layers. He started the outfit with a short sleeve button-up in a plaid pattern. This was then layered under a lightweight cream sweater, which added warmth and detail to the outfit. On top of that was a light gray blazer with a plaid pocket square to match the button-up. This was a smart piece to add because it dressed the outfit up a bit and can be removed if he gets too warm. Also, the lighter gray is a better choice for spring as opposed to the charcoal we have been witnessing all winter.

As for the bottom half, the Fashionisto chose a pair of royal blue cords which he cuffed to show off his killer shoes. These were a refreshing change from your everyday pair of jeans, because they go with the same things but are an unexpected touch. The shoes were a pair of cream colored oxfords. They were a great choice because they are a clean looking addition to the outfit, in a color that matches everything and is also great for spring. The best part of the outfit, however, was the pair of sunglasses that the Fashionisto needed, due to the extreme amount of wonderful sun we were experiencing. The shades were also a great accessory because they added an effortlessness to the outfit, especially since they were in such a stylish shape.

Altogether, this week’s Fashionisto was shining as brightly as our first rays of spring. He brought an effortless vibe to a classy spring outfit, showing that it is time to break free of your heavy winter wardrobe while still remaining warm and comfortable. And remember, don’t forget the shades!

Hint: Recreating this look is really not as hard as it may seem. Start by choosing a comfortable patterned button-up. It doesn’t have to be plaid; a fun Hawaiian print will be a unique change. Add on a soft but lightweight sweater or cardigan to give warmth and detail, while toning down the print a bit. Next, a favorite blazer or lightweight jacket for an extra layer of cool. Then all you need is a pair of colored pants and some oxfords or loafers to pull together a fun spring look.


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