LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Fighting the Frost

Let's Hear it for the Boys

When the first snow of the season hits, we are all taken aback by the cold air; our first instinct is to grab our puffy sweatshirts and winter coats and throw the idea of fashion out the window. However, winter layering doesn’t have to make you look like a marshmallow, and you can remain true to your trendy self.

The first piece of clothing to consider when layering for the cold is an undershirt. Most likely you will want a long sleeve shirt to create a warm base. A casual button-down shirt with a collar makes the initial layer more visible and one that has a pattern, like plaid, adds interest to the look. You can find patterned, collared shirts here or here.

The second layering piece to achieve this look is a sweater. A pullover sweater with a partial zipper allows you to show the shirt underneath. When you have an undershirt with a pattern, make sure your sweater is minimalistic to keep the look balanced. You can find a pullover sweater like this one here.

Lastly, choose a puffy vest like this Fashionisto to fight the frost. Black is a good color to choose when investing in a vest like this because of its versatility in your closet. You can buy this exact vest from Patagonia here. Then to complete the look, throw on a pair of jeans and sneakers that you won’t mind getting wet while trudging through the snow.

Hint: If you will be walking through a good amount of snow, swap out your sneakers for a pair of snow boots.


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