Let's Hear it for the Boys

Campus may be gray and occasionally dusted in flurries of white, but there are still plenty of blues. The ‘it is almost finals’ blues, the ‘Thanksgiving break is over’ blues and of course the ‘I don’t want this semester to be over’ blues, With a whirlwind of dark hues happening through all of the quads and libraries, it’s the perfect time to mix them into your day-to-day look.

Despite the “last week of classes sweatpants mania,” this week’s Fashionisto was spotted staying warm while looking cool. With a navy down jacket accentuated with shoulder blades of gray and lining checkered in gray shades, he is proof that bundling up is not synonymous with sacrificing style. Rocking a button-down in a lighter, vibrant shade of paler blue, it is easy to see that just one color can pop in many different ways. This particular shade looks almost like the bright blue winter skies after a snowfall, and can bring the light to those crammed inside the library.

A pair of black corduroys adds an understated yet put together feel to the overall outfit. Instead of relying on the most trusted blue staple, blue jeans, these J.Crew pants balance out the variety of tones. Over gray Converse sneakers, our Fashionisto shows that he knows how to kick it old school. Classic Ray-Ban glasses are the perfect hipster accessory, and a Cornell lanyard dangling out of one pocket adds the go to adornment, school spirit.

Hint: Fashion’s latest color? Green. If you’re all about the idea of outfits within the same color family, this is the best trend to stick to. From emerald to olive, the choices are endless and effortlessly stylish.


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