Let's Hear it for the Boys

Most boys tend not to care about what they’re wearing. They pick up a pair of ill-fitting jeans, some old, beat-up sneakers, a dirty sweatshirt and roll into class—no problem. Some don’t pay attention to what colors visually look good together, what patterns or textures work, or what even fits their body type well. It may be a lazy tendency or just a lack of interest, but this population of boys seems not to give fashion a chance.

This mindset works for a lot boys. But, let’s be real, who’s going to take notice of a guy rockin’ the basics and just getting by. Especially when fresh on the dating scene, what you wear can be a big ol’ deal breaker. No fear because a little bit of effort can go a long way. The response you can get from dressing a more modern and stylish way is unbelievable. Take, for example, my dad, who has worn light denim jeans my entire youth. This Christmas, I went out and bought him some dark washed jeans and bam the guy was a new man. He looked 20 years younger and fifteen pounds lighter. All it took was a change of jean wash and the man was a dang Levi Brand Jeans model. It doesn’t take much for guys to look good, a quality of which I am completely envious.

People will one hundred percent respond to a well thought-out outfit, whether it daring and bold, or crisp and polished, as our Fashionisto so lovely exhibits. With dark brown corduroys, a crisp collared shirt and laid back complementing Vans, our Fashionisto pulls together quite a crisp outfit. A nice shirt and pants with some sort of color combo in mind is all it takes to look cool. Maybe a shower and comb through of the hair helps too. But, hey, if you’re going to skip the shower, throw on a nice shirt and call it even.

Hint: Take inspiration from this week’s Fashionisto as he wears a collared shirt with a twist—a camo detail of the pocket adds personal style and departure from the traditional button-up. Switch out the vans for boots and a jacket to make the outfit more accommodating in the snowy weather.


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