LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Fastened Up Fashion

Let's Hear it for the Boys

For all you guys out there, what’s the best way to wear your button-down? Fasten it all the way up. This classic top looks way more chic and polished when it’s buttoned to the top of the neck. In reality, it’s best to save the casual unbuttoned look for your beach vacation.

This Fashionisto sports an outfit that is simple and understated, allowing each piece to complement each other without fighting for attention. He wears a classic black cardigan that is loose fitting and nicely layered over his button-down. His straight leg pant is a great choice, because baggy pants can be overwhelming on someone with such a tall frame. Then, on the bottom, his textured TOMS shoes are a subtle surprise.

All together, the look screams geeky chic. It sits perfectly in the middle between having enough character and looking like you’re playing a character. Yet, if you want your style to be a little more edgy than innocent, there’s a few accessories that can completely transform your button-down.

Hint: First, finding the perfect button-down is key. This dark wash chambray shirt is an option that emits a very easygoing vibe. Yet, this color-block shirt from Urban Outfitters will definitely turn heads. Next, you can add some cool accessories to make a simple outfit a little more trendy. These cufflinks are quirky, but something fun to wear at the end of your sleeve. To amp up the look even more, try these geometric collar tips. It’s totally okay to keep it simple with a button-down that fits your style. However, if you want just a little more visual flair, a couple accessories can do the trick.


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