LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Fashionable in Flannel

Let's Hear it for the Boys

As school and classes begin once again the new fashion trends take root. Winter break is a time for students to think less about school and more about relaxation. I love to sit home, hang with friends or work on some DIY projects. Once the middle of January hits, people begin to tremble over the unknown of the spring semester.

Back to school shopping is just as important for the spring semester as the fall semester. Going out looking for backpacks, binders, notebooks, etc. can be just as important as picking up some new scarves, gloves and snow boots. This Fashionisto bears the cold with nothing but a green flannel. Showing off his masculine side, this Fashionisto rolls his sleeves to let a sophisticated amount of muscle through. By rolling the sleeves it draws attention to his shirt. With the warmth of the flannel he doesn’t need many outer layers, but I definitely would suggest investing in a good winter coat. Keeping the outfit simple he continued with medium wash jeans and stone gray sneakers.

This winter has been very strange so far on the East Coast. It will be a freezing blizzard one day and a warm fog the next. With the weather not being able to decide what it wants to do students prepare themselves with clothing that will work with the varying temperatures. These stone gray sneakers are versatile with the color and can be worn several different ways. They are good transition shoes and can be worn in different seasons, which are important for every ensemble. Another important aspect to these shoes is the traction on the bottom. When the weather becomes warm after a snow storm the ground turns to slush, traction helps students not to slip walking on the way to class.

With the winter season in full swing be sure to keep an eye out on the CollegeFashionista website for more updated trends.

Hint: My first hint to all those Fashionistos out there for the winter months is to always have a flannel in your closet. It is one of the warmest shirts and when the best colors are mixed it can make you look super stylish and as hot as an Abercrombie model.


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