LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Fashion Flashback

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Attention members of Generation Y: your moment has come. The ’90s fashion reawakening has begun. With fashion’s ever-revolving door, trends we thought would stay buried in the back of our closets continue to resurface. As a result, it was practically inevitable that we would once again add a bit of ‘90s flare to our wardrobe. From jean jackets to loose fitting cuts, the fashion world has been hit by a resurgence of “phat” ‘90s trends.

Each outfit in the ‘90s seemed to revolve around plaid. Flannel button-ups were on the forefront of this prominent trend and held an ultra cool, laid back vibe. This essential crosshatch pattern has been dominating the fashion scene lately as grunge apparel hits the runways and closets of many. The featured fellow revives this retro style with his muted toned flannel. The key to this nostalgic look? Leaving the shirt unbuttoned. Flannel shirts were never buttoned in the ‘90s unless, of course, you were the Brawny mascot.

Beneath his flannel button-up this gentleman sports a vintage band tee. The return of the ‘90s now allows both men and women to wear loose, comfy T-shirts again while remaining fully on trend. This particular tee is the perfect contribution to this gentleman’s effortlessly cool, relaxed ensemble and is the ideal contrast to the darker hues of its flannel layering partner.

He completes his outfit with black, slim fit chinos and brown oxfords. By combining modern pieces with his ‘90s throwback choices, this fellow still keeps his look fresh, modern and on fashion’s forefront.

Just because All That and Rugrats aren’t on television anymore doesn’t mean your favorite ‘90s trends aren’t back with a vengeance. This season channel your angst-ridden teen spirit by reviving some totally ‘90s looks. Now all that is needed are some slap bracelets and light up sneakers to truly recreate the decade.

Hint: In warmer weather knot your flannel around your waist to display your vintage tee for a signature ‘90s duo. For chillier days, throw on a jean jacket to add tiers of layers while still keeping your look relaxed and casual.


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