LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Eye-Catching Outerwear

Let's Hear it for the Boys

When coordinating any well-styled winter wardrobe, it can often be a hassle incorporating a bulky winter coat into each day’s outfit. Not only does it have to look good with all of the other pieces in your ensemble, but it also has to be something that you don’t mind looking at day after day. Sometimes a winter coat is just the last thing you want to put on after curating the perfectly paired outfit. This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why eye-catching outerwear is important.

Rather than dread this necessary addition to your seasonal wardrobe, why not get excited to put it on everyday? Why not choose something different that makes a bold statement about your style and adds a much-needed dose of flashy fun to your daily digs? I say go for it and this Fashionisto surely did!

This week’s Fashionisto rocked a metallic silver coat that I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of. This short, puffer-style jacket is eye-catching for sure, but still played well with the other pieces in his ensemble. He was smart to wear less flashy pieces throughout his outfit, in order to let the jacket be the focal point of the look. However, the rest of his pieces surely aren’t boring.

His knitted hat adds great texture to the outfit while his distressed jeans add a variance of color. His choice of a black Nike sweatshirt makes his outerwear really pop and his tan Timberland boots tie the look together. Overall, his look is casual and comfortable while still looking put-together and fun. Props to any guy who can make a metallic coat look this good!

Hint: When choosing an eye-catching winter coat, don’t just go for something that will match everything in your wardrobe. Instead, go for something totally different that instead will make the rest of your pieces pop. Try metallic, bright colors or an interesting pattern. Any of these are sure to turn heads!


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