LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Emerald In The Rough

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Finals week is finally upon us here in Happy Valley, in other words, cue the onslaught of late night cramming, caffeinated everything and of course, sweatpants. Long days of last minute work followed by late nights in the library call for maximal stress and minimal sleep, yielding near sartorial disaster for many students around campus (how’s that for a formula, OChem?).

Many students fall victim to this recipe for lazy-wear, but every once in a while it is possible to spot a diamond…or *emerald* in the rough. Take this gem of a Fashionisto for example. His black leather motorcycle jacket is the perfect structure for his tall, lean build, and is a classic must-have for every Fashionisto’s wardrobe. The sleek, black leather pairs just right with his weather-proof Hunter rain boots (a necessary commodity in the ever-snowy State College tundra).

If you still can’t put your finger on what really makes this outfit pop, the solution lies in color. This fearless Fashionisto refused to let his studies damper his style, and knew just how to take his look to the next level on a dreary day. The shades of green in his tribal patterned scarf act as the perfect accent to his vibrant emerald pants for a look that is altogether unforgettable (not to mention his totally rad Pikachu hat, which is the icing on the cake).

Hint: Don’t let your studies drag you down! Dress your best in order to feel your best. Resist the temptation to hibernate in sweatpants and opt for a pair of colorful jeans, or even a vibrant hued scarf. The bright colors will refresh and rejuvenate you, and help you feel ready to tackle those tricky finals once and for all.


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