LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Dressing to the Nines (When It’s Nine Below)

Let's Hear it for the Boys

For many gentlemen, dressing up is a nearly insurmountable challenge. Most survive high school with a mishmash of their father’s pieces and a few ill-fitting sport-coats purchased for an eighth grade dance. The proof is often in the prom pictures, evidence of the awkward years in the awkward fits. College is the time to really step up the suit game, preparing for anything from formals to internships. This means buying a new suit that doesn’t just fit, but fits well; a suit that will not only get you hired but last for following years of employment. This is a daunting task on its own, but the addition of the freezing mid-western chill makes it that much more complicated.

This Fashionisto found the perfect pairing of dressed up and bundled up. He sports the classic black suit, a closet staple that never goes out of style. Rather than dabbling in trend pieces that could detract from his professional look, he adds in a crisp white shirt to break up the dark. Since boys don’t always have as many options for formal wear, the tie tends to be key and this Fashionisto showed his badger pride with a pop of red. Then comes the complicated part: What coat is appropriate? His dark heather gray peacoat is the perfect answer. It maintains the classic tailoring of the suit, while adding dimension with a bit of variation on the black/white scale. The layering of a black shell is a surprising yet clever addition, as well. The softer black is different enough that it doesn’t blend in. It provides more structure for the overall look as well. Highly tailored pieces like the coat and suit coat tend to lie flat, while the stiff collar of the shell stands up straight. The extra layer goes beyond just the extra warmth.

When you have to look sharp in the coming months, do as this Fashionisto does and look for a classic suit that won’t go out of style. For many gents this means black; a dark gray is also a solid option. Shirts should stay white or thin striped if you are on your starter suit! Have a little fun with ties; if the full look is neutral colors, your personality can shine through by accessorizing. Top the look off with an equally classic coat. Trench coats will get you through fall and spring, but in the somewhat miserable months ahead, go for a top coat. Add in that extra layer for warmth, whether it be a sweater under the suit or another jacket. Although you may be new to the suit, just promise that the extra layer will never involve a hood.

Hint: Most specialty and department stores have a staff that is trained to help you shop! Make sure one of them helps you out with your suit. The perfect fit is essential.

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