LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Dress for the Day After Tomorrow

Let's Hear it for the Boys

For all those guys in the Midwest dealing with this unbearable weather, I totally feel your pain. With temperatures dropping well below zero degrees, it practically feels like the day after tomorrow. But hey, if it’s really about to be the end of the world like the Mayans predicted, let’s try to look our best with some fabulous cable knit sweaters.

Instead of layering up with multiple collegiate T-shirts and sweatshirts, try to pick fabrics that are meant to keep you warm. This Fashionisto is wearing a wool sweater over a checkered button-up shirt. Though you may be thinking that wool may be too itchy and uncomfortable to wear for your average day of class, the shirt underneath really helps eliminating the urge to itch. Additionally, the layered look of sweater over button-up is a classic way to dress up the average cable knit. This look is a great way to keep warm during those horrible below-zero walks to class while also incredibly put together.

Sweaters are a pretty simple solution to the cold weather problem, but oftentimes we get a little lazy when there’s a couple feet of snow on the ground. Put your nice warm clothes in the front of your closet and hide those sweatshirts in the back. Dressing up nicely for class may seem like a waste of time, but trust me the ladies will appreciate it.

Hint: If you’re loving the knitted wool look, try out a fisherman’s sweater. The shawl neck is an interesting twist on an average sweater and seemingly makes all guys look a little more European. This is a great option is you’re wanting to expand your vast collection of sweaters.


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