LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Drenched in a Trench

Let's Hear it for the Boys

It was a dark and stormy day in Mount Pleasant, one that brought bouts of rain and flooding. This may sound like a dismal story, but the ending is a happy one. With the inches of rain and unpleasant flooding, the rain storm also brought an opportunity for Central’s Fashionistas and Fashionistos to show that they cannot be defeated by a little H20. Instead, that a change in the weather is just grounds for further expression of one’s personal style.

Though the clouds were malicious and the wind was unkind, this Fashionisto stepped out ready to take on the rain in fashionable form with beige trench coat. Likewise, by pairing his cuffed pants with black sandals, this Fashionisto demonstrates that being fashionable and comfortable on a rainy day really is possible. It can be achieved with simple pieces simply put together in aesthetically pleasing ways.

Too few Fashionistos at Central wear trench coats; this makes those who do stand out instantly. On a chilly rainy day, trench coats are a great way to impress while combating the elements. Because there are many styles of trench coats – the double breast style, the single back vent style, coats with epaulets like this Fashionisto’s coat and coats with an adjustable belt. Incorporating them into your wardrobe and perhaps making them your coat of choice will be quite easy and enjoyable. As fall approaches, consider shopping for a trench coat that complements your personal style; they are a simple way to be fashionable while dressing for the weather, and are of the most fashionable clothing items that a Fashionisto can own.

Hint: This Fashionisto’s cuffed pants look amazing with his sandals. If you prefer to wear closed-toe shoes, boat shoes would fare rather well with cuffed pants on a rainy day. Also, cuffing or tucking in your pants with a pair of boots can help you achieve an equally fashionable look.


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