LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Don’t Forget To Be A Prep

Let's Hear it for the Boys

My, my, my! The first week of my second semester in college has begun! While many of my fellow FIU panthers (me included, I’m ashamed to say) could barely wake up in time to make it to their first class, others were not only ready to go to class but also to a casual Miami brunch. I spotted Christopher Catedral, this week’s Fashionisto, at my 9 a.m. class and just couldn’t stop staring! So listen up my fellow Fashionistos! If you want to get a girl’s attention, don’t forget to be a prep!

Our preppy Fashionisto this week was not only ready to steal the show in his first business presentation of the semester but also our hearts. One quick glance at him and one can tell he loves Ralph Lauren (but honestly who doesn’t?). His shoes are loafers which are not only a nice traditional piece but also very comfortable. His classy dress shirt is a lovely shade of blue and the stripes are vertical helping him look even taller than he already is.

What really makes this outfit unique is the contrast of colors between his belt, shirt and pants. He truly nailed it with this off-grey greenish color pant. Props to this Fashionisto for not sticking with the usual khaki or black colored pant! However, I must admit my favorite part of his ensemble is his watch. As I stated before, owning just one good quality statement accessory is essential and beyond useful in your daily fashion. This Micheal Kors watch is simply elegant and beautiful! If you couldn’t tell by now this Fashionisto is definitely in the loop with today’s hottest brands. He does a stellar job rocking them. I also complemented him in his choice of belt. It helps his whole outfit scream, “Hey! I am confident in my goals. Take me seriously because I’m on my way to the top.”

Hint: This Fashionisto was going for the laid back Miami professional look, however if you want a more office style traditional professional twist, button up the top buttons.The less skin you show in a professional environment as a male the better. Just remember its important to cover the skin you do choose to in super fashionable clothes!


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