Let's Hear it for the Boys

What’s up Fashionistos! I am super excited to introduce you to this week’s Fashionisto. Not only was he happy to be featured, he surprised me with his take on fashion. We at Penn State got lucky to have a few warmer days this week. And the warmer the weather is, more Fashionista/o’s come out of hiding, and the better the fashion! This Fashionisto is wearing a plaid button-down layered with a jean vest and topped with a light leather jacket. Cool colors pair perfectly with the warm orange of his pants.

The reason this Fashionisto caught my eye was because of his colored pants. Colored pants/jeans have been seen at almost any store in the women’s section. But it is not every day you see guys wearing them too. Seriously guys, don’t be scared to try wearing colored pants, they are fun and easy to pair with your favorite shirts and jackets. You can see here that colored pants are really for everyone, not just women. This Fashionisto picked out a great color because it isn’t too bright or too pastel, which often is considered a “frat” type style that some guys want to stay away from. They are subtle but certainly not boring. I asked this Fashionisto where he bought the pants and he told me Target. I was surprised that a stylish guy like himself said Target instead of something more along the lines of a pricey store such as Urban Outfitters. You can find this same style in other colors here.

What I love about this Fashionisto is that he determines his style through repetitive trends and less expensive items. Considering fashion does repeat itself, the best way to snag a few good pieces is in thrift shops or the sale sections of your favorite stores. This Fashionisto actually made his jean vest by buying the shirt for three dollars, yes, I said three dollars, and cutting the sleeves off. Who says being stylish requires paying a lot of money? This Fashionisto’s look is a perfect example of how guys can keep up with the current trends without putting a dent in your wallet.

Hint: If there is an item you really wish to have in order to achieve your desired look, check out thrift stores or places such as Buffalo Exchange first before buying the new item. You never know, it may already be there, and you can save some money. If it’s not, you may find something else to tweak or change to make useful for your closet.


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