LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Ditch The Drama, Grab Some Bahamas

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Using your “please and thank you’s,” holding in burps in public and practicing good hygiene are all prime examples of social norms. While those are just some of the basics; social norms, in general, are actions associated with a group of people, and the way they are expected to behave during certain situations. For instance: girls take longer to shop, and are way more indecisive than guys when it comes to making a final outfit decision. I’m here to blow this norm out of the water. If working in retail has taught me anything over the years—it’s that all of you boys take an excessive amount of time to shop.

It is, of course, not a bad trait to have; especially because it gives us ladies more time to look around! However, when it comes down to the final outfit details, guys just need a little more time to perfect their look. Normally there are a few specific problem areas that leave them in fashion decision limbo, and for this Fashionisto—it’s his pants length.

Most guys nowadays are becoming much more fashion-forward, which is why pants length becomes such a crucial issue. For this Fashionisto, it’s very important to find that perfect place around the ankle that won’t be short enough to ride up when he walks, but also won’t be long enough to hide his sweet kicks. He clearly found that happy place with this dark wash of denim, but the real key here are the shoes. If you’re a guy that struggles with this issue as well, a great way to handle it is with a high-top sneaker or boot.

By choosing this type of shoe, your pants can easily be tucked in; restoring comfort and providing major style points. This shoe is a Sperry Bahama Boot, and this Fashionisto informed me that he is on his second pair! Another solution to this pants issue, is trying a completely different style of pants. Chino joggers have become very popular upon their release in many retailers; in most cases, selling out immediately. Not only do these pants provide optimal comfort, but will effortlessly tuck into your choice of high-top shoes.

Since the bottom half of this Fashionisto’s outfit was his major concern, finishing off his look with a basic pullover and a denim jacket was an easy decision. Next time you gentlemen are at a fashion-based stand-still, follow in this Fashionisto’s footsteps—it’ll be much easier in the same pair of shoes.

Hint: If you’re hot-natured or just need the extra wiggle room, a great interchangeable piece is a vest. Wearing a vest instead of the denim jacket, is a great way to layer fashionably, while keeping your temperature down on your walk to class.


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