LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Distressed Pleasantries

Let's Hear it for the Boys

This Tuesday I bring to you a Fashionisto whose style I’ve admired since I came to USF! With his mixture of a hip-hop and quirky style, he never ceases to amaze me as well as other students on campus. I spotted him at Bull Market, shopping at a pop-up shop that sells vintage pieces at low prices. I didn’t hesitate to let him know I wanted to feature him for LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS!

I caught him on a casual day, rocking a monochromatic ensemble, you can create the same blank canvas for yourself by picking out a top and bottom of similar shades. This is definitely a perfect look for the current weather in Florida, because one minute we’re freezing and the next the sun is beaming in its unforgiving manner. You will definitely want to keep your sweater of a light fabric. Distressed jeans might typically be expected during spring or summer, but this Fashionisto’s confidence makes the look work. Next, to keep your monochromatic look from looking too severe, strategically add a few items that contrast the color scheme. It’s a fashion commandment that plays up interest with the addition of accessories, whether it’s a cool ankh chain to draw the eye upward,or a neon backpack that not a soul could miss!

To top off the look, this Fashionisto adds a pair of silver adidas 2.0 creating a lot of visual impact. This takes his super casual look to new heights (literally!). It’s the ultimate statement piece.

Hint: What makes Fashionistos/a’s look their absolute best? The answer is always confidence. Be confident in your sartorial choices by always, always checking the weather. You might think looking out your window or sticking a hand out the front door is enough, but that won’t tell you how the weather is supposed to behave the rest of the day. Whether you decide to look up a 10 day forecast every Sunday evening or you quickly check online each new morning, that’s one minute very well spent.


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