Let's Hear it for the Boys

Finally, the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising! There may be leftover snow on the ground, but that’s not stopping anybody from enjoying a break from the frigid cold. Isn’t it exciting that you can add spring and summer pieces to your wardrobe?

But don’t think winter is fully done and break out your favorite pair of club shorts so soon. You can still incorporate a light long sleeve and style it for a nicer day outside. As I walked from the main part of campus to the west side, I crossed paths with this Fashionisto while on his way to the university store.

I stopped him immediately when I noticed a ’90′s trend revival. Do you remember when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were dating? They showed up to a red carpet event in full denim attire. Their use of denim became iconic. If you don’t remember that, maybe you would remember watching season three of The Jersey Shore when Deena Cortese wore a full denim outfit and Pauly D along with Vinny Guadagnino made fun of her.

This Fashionisto showed that the denim on denim look is not just a fad. This is a trend that can come back at any time no matter how old. He didn’t wear just one shade of denim, but two. He wore a Lucky Brand denim shirt and cuffed his sleeves in the J.Crew style. The cuff in the sleeve makes the outfit bearable for the warmer day. If you choose to do this be careful with the strength of the sun, so that you don’t end up with an unusual farmer’s tan line.

Instead of matching the shade of denim in his shirt with his jeans, he chose a deeper blue for the bottoms. These rich Lucky Brand indigo jeans match well with his top. The cut of the jeans are straight, so if you don’t feel comfortable with skinny jeans, these are not a problem. If the jeans are too long on your body, you can roll them up or scrunch them up to fit as opposed to getting them hemmed. You will also save money that way.

I haven’t seen a pair of denim shoes for sale, so this Fashionisto walked in style with his all white Nike Air Force 1s. These sneakers go well with any outfit, but more importantly they fit this outfit really well. It is a game changer from all the denim, and the white really stands out.

Hint: This Fashionisto really expressed his love for Lucky Brand clothing, which is very well known for its denim. If you would like to look more into this brand, they have great color jeans. For the sake of having a good laugh, if you look into the fly of the pants and jeans you will find a funny joke near the zipper; ‘Lucky You!’


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