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The process of acculturation occurs when certain traits from one culture rub off on another over time. Many definitions of the word suggest that it simply happens when cultures merge during a great deal of contact with each other. History proves that this form of societal submersion is not only a great asset to world-wide growth, but has the largest impact on the fashion industry. For this Fashionisto, it’s a simple phrase or outfit title that has become a popular trend. Here in the U.S., we can thank our friends directly to the north for—the Canadian Tuxedo.

Now, everyone knows that instead of true acculturation happening here, it’s more of a culturally based joke. According to history, this joking began when Bing Crosby and some hunting friends were denied access to a fine dining lodge in Vancouver, Canada. Typically, the Canadian Tuxedo is comprised of either flannel on denim or, in this case, denim on denim. Crosby and his friends were decked out in denim, which apparently was not up to par for the lodge. Thus, a term for their style was born and a form of acculturation did occur. There’s no doubt that this style has transcended into men’s fashion all over the globe!

Wearing denim on denim is a choice for the bold that most people won’t even bother to attempt! The reason why some find this look so off-putting is because they’re afraid of how “matchy-matchy” it will become (nobody wants to wind up looking like 2001 Britney Spears: denim dress edition). The key here is to choose denim that varies in color or style throughout the outfit. Like this Fashionisto proves, wearing a lighter washed jacket with a dark pair of jeans breaks up the monotony and completes the look.

Though different shades between the top and bottom helps keep the outfit interesting, adding a basic T-shirt into the mix officially pulls the top half of this outfit together. This Fashionisto chose a solid black V-neck which will always looks great with this combination. It instantly transforms him into a modern day ”greaser.” Now that we have the essentials down, it’s time to add the finishing touches! I can think of no better way to top this look off than with a pair of sleek black Ray-Bans and combat boots.

This Fashionisto was clearly up for the challenge that the Canadian Tuxedo provides. Stylishly transforming an outfit that some might consider a fashion faux pas; Bing Crosby and his rugged outdoorsmen would be proud, eh?

Hint: This style can still be intimidating for some. If you’re not ready to go all out, try switching out the jacket for something a little different. You can also wear a pair of chino pants instead of jeans which will dress this outfit up if you’re going anywhere special!


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