Let's Hear it for the Boys

Transcending decade, season and the formal-casual divide, the denim jacket is a bona fide wardrobe staple. With a history that extends back to the 1950s all the way up until present day, it is apparent that this jean outerwear has found a permanent, seamless fit among the closets of many. The ruggedness of the denim jacket carries with it a waft of masculinity complete with unmatched versatility. With these endearing qualities, this timeless piece can be easily incorporated into any man’s everyday looks.

This gentleman’s styling choices illustrate a jean jacket can easily shift from its traditional role of laid back weekend wear into a look which still boasts of casual appeal but now, with an air of sophistication. The classic black wash of this denim jacket makes it an obvious choice for the winter season as opposed to a lighter wash which could comfortably find its place in your spring or summer wardrobe. Layered beneath this charming outwear is a button-up dress shirt with a banded collar that forms a symbiotic relationship with the larger, distinct denim collar. The light blue and white vertical stripes on the shirt perfectly contrast the dark, bold black of the jacket making it an ideal combination that oozes effortlessly cool style.

To polish off his ensemble and put his best foot forward, this sharp fellow opted for a distinguished, structured shoe to create a clean, more put together look. By pairing this two-tone classic loafer with a fitted pant, he was able to integrate a bit of refinement into a rugged jacket characterized by grungy rebellion. This flawless combination allows the hardwearing jean jacket to show off its sensitive side without stripping it of its innate masculinity.

What you choose to accompany your denim jacket is personal preference, but no matter the outfit, this piece is the ideal garment to add a touch of virility to any wardrobe and keep you a step ahead of the rest.

Hint: Combat colder temperatures by layering a denim jacket under a structured, heavier coat or over a cozy sweater to remove the chill. The tiers of texture will add depth and visual interest to capture the attention of all who pass by.


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