Let's Hear it for the Boys

Winter fashion is known for its darker hues and subdued patterns to match the climate around us. As leaves change from green to red, and snow replaces lush fields of grass, it’s inevitably that our wardrobes are going to make a similar transition. Rather than falling into the trap of sticking with various shades of gray, let’s try to experiment a little and try something new! Darker shades of blue, green and red along with subtle patterns are easy ways to make your day a little brighter in horribly bland weather.

This Fashionisto is rocking a denim-camo button-up with a wool blazer, black skinny jeans and lace-up boots. He accessorizes with various gold and personalized chains. He sticks with darker shades of blue and black, but also does a great job with with keeping his outfit interesting with the simple camouflage pattern on his button-up. The wool blazer jazzes up his outfit, adding a little bit a professionalism to his look. What I appreciate most about his look is his choice in footwear. Oftentimes guys stray away from the lace-up leather boot because they are seemingly impractical or uncomfortable, but I’m hear to set the record straight and urge ALL guys to buy a pair of these boots. Find leather boots that feel comfortable to walk to class and stick with them. Even with just wearing these boots with jeans and a college crew-neck sweatshirt, you’ll noticeably stand out.

Other color options to try out are forest green, burgundy, taupe and cream. These colors look great for any sweater or button-up and inevitably add more color to your primarily gray wardrobe. Additionally, camouflage is a great pattern to try as long as you pick a pattern that doesn’t have much contrast. This Fashionisto did a great job finding a good camo print that has a slight variety of color, allowing the pattern to draw too much attention to itself.

Look through your closet and see what colors you can find. Try to add a little bit of the darker shades of basic colors so you have more earthy tones in your wardrobe. These colors are so easy to mix and match with other outfits and more importantly will never go out of style!

Hint: Dark blue looks good on practically everyone. If you’re struggling to pick out a color, use this Fashionisto for inspiration. Pair black pants and boots with a navy blue button-up!


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