Let's Hear it for the Boys

There’s something interesting about certain color combinations that regardless of what pieces they’re combined in, they always seem to work out. For this season I’ve found that navy and royal blue among all colors seems to match well with green, white, yellow, red and white among almost all.

This week’s Fashionsito without doubt wore one of those mentioned: a navy colored sweater with a shawl neck that perfectly layered the plaid green and blue button-up underneath the sweater. He matched his combination with some slightly washed denim jeans that had a rugged tiny tears. What really brought the whole ensemble together to look vintage rugged preppy were the boots, as you may have noticed, I have a soft spot for beat up boots. The boots he wore were a faded brown tone and were worn with the jeans covering the top, which allowed the focus of the ensemble to be shared with the sweater.

You can join on the trend by looking out for shawl type necks next time you’re shopping; this trend erupted as a must-have garment among the fashion world a little more than a year ago but still continues today to have the sensation. The specific style can be found in mostly cardigans and sweaters that when worn will definitely get you to stand out within the crowd.

This spring season is only getting started so this is the right time to bring out all the colorful pieces within our wardrobe out. If you’re like me and like wearing black for everything, which I like to believe  you can never go wrong with, try adding some color little by little. You might find something much more appealing in variations of colors rather than just plain old usual.

Hint: If you’re always wearing sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, fall accessories and such, make sure to check out different sales going on everywhere. Usually around this time of the year most retail companies get rid of their fall collections and release new stuff. While I like new stuff because it was just released, I equally love finding stuff on sale. Make sure to keep an eye out for what you can find!


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