Let's Hear it for the Boys

Plans for a weekend in Albany can range anywhere from an indoor movie marathon, to downtown adventures with friends. But whether you’re spending the day barely moving or completing a bucket list of activities, your days in Albany will always call for comfortable clothing.

Now I’m hoping you’re a regular here at CollegeFashionista. If so, you already know how much I empathize with those who struggle with being both comfy and cute. I understand that sometimes, dressing up a pair of your favorite sweatpants just cannot be done. But there’s no reason that you should be struggling daily, balancing the fine line of being both comfortable and fashionable. There’s simple ways to adapt your style to your way of life, and the outfit of the Fashionisto I spotted this week is a perfect example.

Layers are hands-down one of the best and most trendy ways to stay comfortable and show off your style. This Fashionisto used both layers and denim (can be substituted by chambray, which is similar looking to denim) to contribute to his classic and comfy look. Denim will never go out of style, and is as basic as it gets. The material goes well with anything and can help add dimension to a plain outfit. This Fashionisto layered his button-down denim shirt on top of a plain gray T-shirt. His black, Zanerobe ‘Sureshot’ pants (similar to chinos, but have a waistband and tapered legs) work perfectly with the colors on top. And we can’t forget about the most eye-catching part of his ensemble: his unique, blue-toned Nike Roshe Runs. These popular sneakers, best known for their comfort and wide variety, are one of the hottest trends on campus and in the world. Not only do they bring life to his classic outfit, they continue to add cool tones to his look and help create the perfect comfy, winter look.

Hint: Layering is easy, and works best when simplified. Throw on a pair of your favorite trendy pants like this Fashionisto. Pair them with your preferred graphic T-shirt. Top it off with a plaid or solid-colored button-down shirt, and be sure to leave the shirt completely unbuttoned or opened at the top, in order to display the T-shirt underneath. Like this Fashionisto, try using denim to make your look more modern, whether it be in your shirt or pants. Finally, throw on your favorite pair of shoes, the more unique, the better!  Now you can stand out and remain comfortable in a simply styled look.


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