Let's Hear it for the Boys

Deep down, I am a hopeless romantic that is absolutely infatuated with the rain. I am enchanted by the potential of walking on a rainy April day, sharing an umbrella with someone or running hand in hand in search of dry ground. Moreover, I am also in love with the idea of cozying up with thick blankets, a warm mug of tea and then falling asleep to the soothing sound of the outside rain pattering against my windows.

But then there is the other cynical part of me that hates how rain often ruins plans for anything that was supposed to be outdoors, such as a photo shoot or a game of ultimate frisbee. I curse the sky for once again catching me without my umbrella or boots as I walk to my next class, feet soaked and mascara running down my face.

Despite the gloomy weather that has hit the Midwest recently, there have been some very eye-catching dressers that have not let the gray weather dictate their outfits. This Fashionisto in particular exhibits those qualities, wearing a very bright red sweater that truly stands out during the dark and shadowy days. Upon a closer glance, you can see the thoughtful details that he put into his outfit. His shirt is not only a very trendy blue gingham, but also features a more intricate design along the collar. The sweater alone is extremely bright and the shirt intriguing. Together, they make for an extremely fashion-conscious combination.

He then tones down his outfit by wearing neutral brown trousers and appealing blue suede shoes that integrate quite smoothly in this ensemble. His watch, however, is most definitely worth diverting attention to; a relic of both a favorite childhood Disney character and the old iPod shuffles, he beautifully expresses his inner nostalgia and tech nerd through this accessory choice.

Hint: Brighten up an otherwise dismal April day by incorporating bright colors and contrasts into your outfit. Maybe a bright sweater contrasted with an equally loud shirt underneath?


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