Let's Hear it for the Boys

Playing with proportion is like playing with fire. Too big and you can look heavier than you are; to small and you can look as if you’re squeezing into the clothing of your younger sibling. This Fashionisto seems to have been able to strike a balance between the two though in an outfit that looks both comfortable and stylish.

I remember when I was a kid I used to wear massively oversized soccer shirts and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Since the early noughties though, the popularity of aforementioned shirts has (thankfully) declined and a more fitted look in male clothing has become dejour.  This is why I was mildly surprised to see someone adopting such a radical cut.

What really makes the outfit work is the fantastic soft colours and fabrics that he has chosen to pair together. The soft cottons and pale blues and beiges bring forward a beach vibe whilst the neat white sand shoes keep the look clean and stop it from becoming a hippy tribute get up. The scrunched down socks in neutral greys add an interesting kind of schoolboy-chic to the ensemble.

The necklace is a fantastic touch as well. I think it can be quite difficult for men to wear jewellery but this Fashionisto has carried it off by choosing a woven band instead of a chain and a pendant that blends with the outfit.

The subtle check of the short fabric references the larger checks in the shirt. This kind of pattern blocking is something that is becoming quite popular in women’s fashion (think Prada pant suits) and I love how it has been done here with different colours and textures on a guy.

Hint: If you’re keen to start playing with proportion but don’t know the oversized from the plainly too big, begin by anchoring voluminous shirts with skinny jeans or slim cut pants. This way it looks like you are making a choice in wearing an oversized look – not like you just finished a really effective detox.


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