Let's Hear it for the Boys

There’s something faintly nostalgic about rural-inspired clothing. Today’s plaid shirts, overalls and work boots evoke Levi’s ad-worthy scenes of an idealized American past. They bring to mind visions of ruggedly handsome farmers sauntering in sunlit fields and men in shearling jackets riding horseback. It’s enough to make a Fashionisto go wild for beat-up denim and weathered shearling.

Still, pastoral fashion can sometimes verge on costume-y. This guy keeps his outfit sharp by choosing clean lines and contemporary accessories.

The star of this Fashionisto’s look is without a doubt, his outerwear. The jacket’s red gingham print and sheepskin lining bring to mind quaint country life, while its crisp black lines and two square pockets modernize it.

This dude pairs his bold jacket with a basic pair of jeans. Their fading gives them rustic allure, but their close fit keeps the outfit from looking too dowdy. He wears his trousers rolled to reveal beautifully distressed lace-up boots, perfectly cohesive with the ensemble’s bucolic vibe. Current accessories like plastic framed glasses and chunky headphones ensure that this Fashionisto looks modern and fresh.

If you want to copy this Americana-inspired getup, there’s a jacket just like Fashionisto’s on Etsy. But if you’d rather just capture this look’s essence, try a crisp jacket in a different folky print, like this one from That’s It.

If you’re bold like this guy, dare to mix prints: pair your wild outerwear with a plaid scarf. Keep the rest of the look subtle with faded jeans and brown lace-up boots. Or try boots with a slight Western flair if you’re feeling kitschy.

Don’t forget to update your outfit with sharp add-ons. Tech-y glasses and a sleek backpack take the ensemble from the range to the lecture hall.

Hint: It’s cool if you’re down to fully commit to the rural look; pair those faded jeans with a denim shirt in a slightly different wash. Try overalls if you’re into looking like you’ve stepped out of a Faulkner novel.


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