Let's Hear it for the Boys

The spring semester is finally here, but winter will proceed to lounge quietly around the northern hemisphere until mid-March. The beginning of a new semester is always accompanied with students rubbing the sleepiness out of their eyes and open them wide to the bright world of academia standing proudly in front of them. But what makes the spring semester so special is that the students are all dolled up in the clothes that they received during the holidays. What caught my wide eyes today was this Fashionisto’s bold red scarf juxtaposed against the formality of his outfit.

The difference between clothing and fashion is that clothing has the purpose of providing warmth and shelter, while fashion is meant to show the world one’s soul. This Fashionisto, Scott, brandished his crimson scarf throughout campus like the revolutionaries waved the French flag in Les Misérables. Through his scarf, Scott expressed that he’s not afraid to take on the world. Not only did the vibrant red contrast with the neutral palette of his ensemble, it also provided a touch of relaxation to his preppy outfit. Just like the kick that a loose tie gives to a well-tailored suit after a long day at work, his scarf displayed an air of unkemptness and rebellion. For your own scarf that has been forged with the power of a revolution, I recommend any of these scarves from American Apparel that come in a plethora of colors.

The double-breasted jacket and the button-down shirt are staples in mens’ fashion, and they should be in every man’s wardrobe. Scott did a wonderful job utilizing these staples in paying homage to both the ongoing winter and the coming of spring. To combat the cold weather, he wore a double-breasted navy jacket from Ralph Lauren. It provided the perfect color contrast to his scarf. If you’re aiming for a sharper look for the cold temperatures, try a neutral-colored jacket with a peaked lapel. Underneath his jacket, he had put on a thick lilac button-down shirt that, through its color, just beckoned spring to come faster.

Hint: Scott showed off his own personal style by adding a scarf. Infuse some flare into your outfits through accessories like bowties and sunnies.



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