LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Crewnecks Fit For Clouds And Class

Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s hard to find the motivation to change out of your sweats or even get out of your bed on those foggy rainy days…and the mid-Atlantic states have been hit with some seriously dreary days this past week. So it is refreshing to see someone put a little effort into his or her outfit, giving us the extra kick to throw on something nice. It is the beginning of a new semester and way too early to start getting lazy, but also way too easy.

In a sea of yoga pants and sweats, I spotted this guy because of his colored pants. It’s not often that you see a guy don the colored pants trend that us girls are oh-so fond of, but I think he’s got it down better than I do. The maroon pants are a bright spot on an otherwise very gray day, but dark enough to keep with the color trends of the season. He paired them with a navy crew neck sweater over top of a multicolored plaid button-down. He left the shirt tucked out to keep his outfit appropriately casual for a rainy day. He’s sporting a fairly worn pair of Sanuks, which work with this outfit because they’re casual and he doesn’t mind getting them wet on the puddle-ridden sidewalks.

Just because its cloudy and chilly out doesn’t mean you automatically have an excuse to throw on that old sweatshirt you got playing middle school soccer. A thick basic crew neck sweater made out of a wool-blend like this Fashionisto’s (and like this) can actually keep you warmer and looking sharper than a sweatshirt. The weather is only going to get worse from here on out and really, how many sweatshirts do you own?

Hint: It’s easy to get overwhelmed whilst wearing colored pants and throw on your most basic top, so try and mix it up by layering. If you layer with a simple gingham or striped top it’ll draw the eye to your fancy pants, rather than look like a failed attempt at color blocking.


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