Let's Hear it for the Boys

Corduroy is a fabric that I never really paid attention to until my boyfriend bought his first pair of light brown corduroy pants. When he would constantly gush about how comfortable they were, I grew a little envious as I sat listening in my stiff and constricting skinny jeans. Eventually, I gave in and bought my own pair of tapered brown corduroy pants. Upon slipping them on and feeling how soft they were for myself, I immediately realized what the hype was all about.

Outside of my own everyday wear, corduroy has become one of my favorite fabrics in menswear, especially for transitional weather. It is a light fabric, yet extremely durable and warm. Additionally, its versatility allows for it to be dyed in a wide array of colors and produced in varying qualities, so it is very accessible in terms of both personal color preferences and price range.

And it is precisely this Fashionisto’s incorporation of corduroy that drew me to his outfit. With double pockets on the front, it resembles more of a light jacket than a shirt that’s meant to be worn underneath a heavy overcoat. All in all, this garment is perfect for dealing with the odd mix of winter and almost spring while also staying fashion conscious.

He then contrasts this shirt nicely by wearing a sweater with a much lighter spring green and also has a fun colorful pattern. On the lower half, his dark brown chinos provide a nice earth toned balance in his combination, not overwhelming the outfit with additional distracting colors. He finishes off his outfit with a pair of boots, fully practical for the rain that this weather inevitably brings, and a unique pair of wire-rimmed glasses that further attests to his style.

Hint: Corduroy shirts are very versatile for spring transitional weather, and come in unique colors that can really set your outfit apart from the masses.


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