LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Cool Style For Cold Months

Let's Hear it for the Boys

To many, staying stylish when winter hits is a near impossible task. It can be difficult to maintain a modicum of style when it is cold enough to wear every far garment in your wardrobe at once. However, with great effort and a great winter coat, it is completely possible to look cool when it’s cold.

Reflecting the gray of the season, this Fashionisto’s charcoal, double-breasted coat is a very functional choice for the winter. Beyond the obviously protection and warmth this coat supplies, the double-breasted look is timeless. Similarly, I like how this Fashionisto left the collar relatively open. The opening at the neck allows for a comfortable inclusion of a simple red scarf layered underneath. This scarf is a nice layering option that is pretty similar, not to mention luxurious.

I am really drawn to this Fashionisto’s look because, in some respects, it is quite a surprise. The top half of his look is very prim and collected, while gray wash pants and very bright sneakers describe the lower half of his look. The sneakers are both complementary and contrasting to the rest of his outfit. A very bright red highlights the laces and soles of the shoe and the rest of the shoe is a soft blue color, each becoming this Fashionisto’s pop of color in multiple ways. While a little contrasting, the burgundy of his scarf and the bright alertness of his shoe really work together to make his look pop.

To note some fine details, I like how this Fashionisto has donned a pair of gloves that feature a simple white stripe to add more subtlety worth appreciating. (Like these here!) Initially, it seems that this Fashionisto has embraced a simple neutral-toned outfit. But on closer inspection, his inclusion of red and blue hues and a very subtle stripe are smart choices that truly make his outfit unique.

Hint: Adding a pop of color can be a lot trickier than you think. By adding hues that are tonally similar to the bulk of your outfit, you can easily add color while still remaining complementary. Of course, a very contrasting pop of color can be nice too, but again, requires attention to tonal elements of your ensemble to really make your look work.


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